About BSBF

Boiling Springs Bible Fellowship is a non-donominational, independent Bible believing church.  We are nestled in the heart of the village of picturesque Boiling Springs.  We love being a part of our community and participating in many events that are held each year in our town.  Above all, we love sharing the love of Jesus Christ with anyone who is willing to listen.  Our fellowship is very friendly and compassionate, we offer an uplifting worship service to our community.  We invite you to visit us and share in the praise to our living God.
Our History

The history of our building dates back to 1876, when the Methodist organization erected the building.  In the mid 1990's the church transferred ownership to an independent Bible organization.  It is important for our history to be remembered so that we can shape our future. 

About Jesus

Jesus Christ is the most influential person that has ever walked the earth. Knowing who He is and what He has done for you is the only way that we can find peace in a world that is increasingly rejecting God's truth.

Statement of Faith

Boiling Springs Bible Fellowship is determined to spread the Good News of Jesus to our community and to train those around us to do the same.  When we start in our homes, we can build a foudation that can spread throughout the world.

Community Outreach

Community is crucial to us!  We know that there are fears and inhabitions that keep people from walking through our doors.  Our Fellowship is dedicated and determined to Go Out  into the community and share the love of Jesus.

119 4th Street

Boiling Springs, PA 17007