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Illinois adopts law requiring LGBT history lessons to be taught in public schools

AUGUST 13, 2019

A recent Pew research poll that globally ranked U.S. students 24th in science, 39th in math, and 24th in reading.  Are schools and lawmakers concerned with the decline of the American student success or is there a deeper spiritual war for our children occurring? 

Vatican and Islam Leader Sign "World Peace" Declaration

February 2019

The Pope and Islamic leader find common ground in calling for tolerance and peace between the muslim religion and the catholic faith. 

China’s Pastors Take Their Stand: Jesus Is Lord

September 2018

Modern society advises couples to "test the waters" when it comes to our relationships.  Should couples wait for the wedding day or are God's precepts out of date?   

God's Best Is Worth The Wait

January 2017

Modern society advises couples to "test the waters" when it comes to our relationships.  Should couples wait for the wedding day or are God's precepts out of date?   

Russian Christians Soldier On

August 3, 2016

Christians in Russia are standing firm to speading the Gospel of Jesus despite anti-evangelism laws that would put them at risk.  Are American christians ready to make the same stand when evangelism is deemed illegal in America?

How Do You Stand For Jesus

November 12, 2015

Christians are faced with a choice each day on standing for Jesus or keeping the status quo.  Find out how many Christians have given up fame and success to stand for Jesus.  During this special holiday time, find the measure of your faith and how far you would go to stand for Jesus. 

Devil Went Back to Georgia

October 2, 2015

Georgia community is fighting back against school board decision to teach the principles of Islam, but not Christianity.  What is the school afraid of?  God's Word always wins!

Spirit of Anti-Christ Is Everywhere

January 17, 2015

The Rev. Franklin Graham says just mentioning the name Jesus Christ in the public square is increasingly frowned upon and warns: "The spirit of anti-Christ is everywhere."

McDonald’s in a church

November 28,2014

As church attendance falls, one group believes that the lure of a burger and fries might make church more appealing. 

ISIS 'Declares War on Christians'

October 14, 2014

Islamic State (ISIS) has published a new edition of the propagandabooklet Dabiq, which is again signaling its primary enemy - Christianity. 

On the cover page of the booklet is a photo of the Vatican bearing the ISISflag, along with the terror group's desires to conquer Rome and "break the cross." 

A Generation of Skeptics Are Open to the Resurrection

October 11, 2014

Due to the evidence, a generation of skeptics are now open to believing in the resurrection, the foundational event for the Christian faith, Gary Habermas explained at the Southern Evangelical Seminary's 21st Annual National Conference on Christian Apologetics.

Critics have recently begun to acknowledge facts central to Jesus' resurrection, he claimed.

Hollywood's Come-to-Jesus Moment

May 14, 2014

Many marvel and express surprise over the seemingly out-of-nowhere triumph of films like “God's Not Dead,” while those in the world of faith-driven films are celebrating the culmination of years of planning and work.  TheWrap talked to several industry players — from the producers of the hit movies to the biggest experts in the field — to find out just how these films finally broke out.

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