At Boiling Springs Bible Fellowship we feel it is very important to serve our community through Jesus Christ.  One of the most effective ways to serve the community is to offer services that address the community's needs.  Here at BSBF, we offer very broad services and are always looking for more ways to serve our neighbors.   
Church in Boiling Springs PA
Youth Ministry 

Young adults have many questions when it relates to their faith and God.  Most of the time young adults do not know where they can go to expres these questions or possibly get answers.  Our goal is to create the environment for these young adults to understand their faith and to grow in the knowledge of God.

Small Group
Church in Boiling Springs PA
Sunday Service

Sunday services at BSBF offer many inspiring aspects. From our music ministry to our sermons, we focus on making sure that those who worship with us feel the love and grace that comes from our Heavenly Father.  Every service explores a portion of God's Word and offers insight on ways to connect with God on deeper levels.

"Wherever two or three are gathered."  We understand that God is not just with us if we have a very large crowd, but is with us even in small groups.  Small group studies create an intimacy that most Christians crave and at BSBF we strive to create that opportunity for anyone with questions about our Creator.  

119 4th Street

Boiling Springs, PA 17007